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April 24, 2006

Dear Mr. Bob Jaeggi:

Please let this letter serve as a letter of recommendation for “Indus Construction LP” for existing and future projects on your bid list.” “Indus” has provided a subcontract service of installing reinforcing steel on several of James Construction Group projects for several years. “Indus” has always provided a very professional, timely, and quality service on both state and federal projects.
JCG and Indus active projects in Texas include installing steel for concrete paving, bridges, and other structures. Indus also provides a commercially usefull function (CUF) as a DBE subcontractor for all federal and state projects. James construction Group, L.L.C. recommends their subcontract service on any size project which has a need for installation of reinforcing steel.


Keneth L. Janke
Texas Division Manager
James Construction Group, L.L.C.