Policies and Certifications

Quality Policy:

The management of Indus Construction is committed to hold all parts of its business to offer the highest possible quality of service to all clients. Through customer satisfaction Indus seeks to continue to grow its business and safeguard its permanence.
To strengthen this requisite, Indus construction is implementing a full quality management system which will provide a guideline for all employees in their daily tasks. Furthermore, listed below one could find the essential rules of the quality policy.
  • To form everlasting relations with clients, suppliers and project partners based on integrity and confidence.
  • To guarantee the highest level of communication with all parties involved in the delivery of the final product.
  • To conform to every binding specification within the framework of project at the maximum level; contract agreement conditions, country's legal arrangements/laws, other compulsory standards and to all ethical rules.
  • By embracing the value of the most valuable asset in the company "Human Assets" and continue to develop its skills to the optimum level.
  • To be a frontrunner in utilization of latest yet valid technology, and to encourage development in every area of the company.
  • To transfer continuously company corporate culture and values to its employees.
  • To understand clearly that compromising of quality is not permitted nor tolerated.

All personal need to be aware of the management commitment to this policy in particular and quality in general and are all encouraged to demonstrate their own support to the system by continuous active participation.

Safety Policy:

It is the policy and complete commitment of Indus construction to provide a safe and health workplace environment for all of its employees and subcontractors. This will be implemented through the following nonnegotiable rules.
  • Comply or exceed all of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration rules in regards to construction or manufacturing.
  • Recognize the importance of Safety and Health to your wellbeing.
  • All employees have the legal right to refuse to perform unsafe work.
  • Safety is a culture and a mindset, every employee needs to be involved and committed in implementing and promoting this culture and mindset.
  • An accident happens usually when several unnoticeable short cuts are completed with disregard to one's wellbeing or the surrounding others.
  • Management and supervisor are charged with responsibility of preventing the occurrence of incident or condition that could lead to occupational injuries or illness. While the ultimate success of construction Safety and Health Management Program depends upon the full cooperation of each individual employee, it is management's responsibility to see that safety and health rules and procedures are promulgated and enforced, and to see that effective training and education programs relating to these procedures are employed to the best advantage.
  • Indus Construction, L.P. shall have responsibility for safe use, storage and disposal of any chemical, refuse, waste, or other materials generated or used in the performance of the work in accordance with this Construction Safety and Health Management Program and all Federal, State and Local Law.